The Niner Bikes brand was founded in 2005 and began selling mountain bikes with 29-inch wheels at a time when this category was just emerging. With a focus on unique, innovative product development and a constant effort to make riding on dirt better, the brand quickly became a sensation in the premium, enthusiast mountain bike segment.

Adding gravel bikes to the range in 2012, Niner capitalized on another prescient vision of the rapidly evolving, niche/enthusiast cycling segment. Riding gravel bikes on dirt roads became one of the fastest-growing segments among dedicated riders, with Niner among the world’s most popular brands of gravel bikes.

Product design and development takes place at their home base in Fort Collins, Colorado; the perfect setting for experts committed to every detail of the rider’s experience. The well-designed bikes helped Niner increase its dealer count in the U.S. and enabled the company to build its global network in 50+ countries.

United Wheels acquired Niner in 2018. The Niner brand continues its focus on premium product development including E-bikes with carbon fiber options.

Niner is #CommittedtoDirt in every sense: improving access to trails and open space; creating outstanding bicycles for enjoying the roads and trails; and minding the gritty details of doing things the right way for our customers.

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