Steel is real.

Made from metal

SIR 9: rugged, reliable, comfortable Reynolds 853 steel

There’s a new bike in town. It’s built to last and not let you down. When you’re spinning up the steeps, bombing down the backcountry and grinding out the final miles as the sun sinks into the horizon, you need a bike you can trust. A comfortable, capable, hand-built bike made from proven, air-hardened, heat-treated steel. That’s right, steel. Because Steel Is Real and it’s fully optimized in the SIR 9.

Yes, SIR

So what’s the story with our steel hardtail? For starters, it’s STEEL. This classic metal alloy from materials icon Reynolds gives us the comfortable, durable, capable, versatile, “ride it hard and put it away wet” frame that we have always wanted. 

To make it even more tasty, the SIR 9 is strapped with a 120mm travel FOX suspension fork, perforated with no fewer than 18 threaded, reinforced mounting points, clears 29×2.4” (or 27.5×3.0”) tires, and offers easy options for geared or singlespeed drivetrains. We’ve even got custom frame bags made by Defiant Packs in Carbondale, Colorado. No excuses – pack an extra jacket and a PBR, go farther, and stay out longer. 

The SIR 9 is perfect for just about any type of riding, no matter how long or short. It’s a butt-kicking, grin-inducing lunch ride launch pad when you only have 30 minutes to burn in the back lot. It’s also made for multi-day missions in the backcountry. And it’s made to make you happy the minute you throw a leg over it.

Get real with Reynolds 853 steel

This modern metal alloy is well known for its unique properties. It actually strengthens in the tube junctions when it air-cools after welding. So, we can do more with it, yet we actually can use less material. For instance, we can design intricate chainstay and seat-stay yokes to accommodate either 29” or 27.5-Plus wheels and tires, with plenty of mud clearance to spare. We also don’t need to add heavy gussets and tube reinforcements – it’s plenty strong as-is.

“Trail country” geometry

Blurring the lines between modern trail bike geometry and traditional cross-country geometry, the SIR 9 occupies a niche we lovingly call “trail country.” If you’re doing a combination of long pedaling rides, stiff climbs, extended descents, and spicy technical sections, you’ll love what we’ve done here. “Trail country” geometry translates to modern trail manners when you need them most, with no sacrifice of efficiency or agility. 

The roomy cockpit has a comfortable reach for short stem lengths, giving you quick handling and plenty of maneuverability to blast through rock gardens and cut hard corners. The steep 74-degree seat angle gets you centered over the BB for climbing and pairs nicely with the short 430mm chainstay length for supreme pedaling efficiency.. And of course, the slack, 68-degree head tube angle and long wheelbase contribute stability and self-confidence when you’re dropping into the steepest lines.

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin...

The versatility of steel gives us the option to add accessory mounting points, and boy did we ever. There are rack and fender mounts, bottle cage mounts, frame bag mounts, and even a top-tube bento box mount. The rear rack mounts are strong enough to hold 55lbs. 


“New trends in geometry and componentry are inspiring some really fun bikes, even for those who don’t consider themselves the hardtail type.”

“It’s still steel and 29in, but the new SIR 9 from Niner has a whole load more versatility built into it.”

“The latest SIR 9 is an attractive option for riders who want a classic material in an up-to-date, versatile package.”



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