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Completely reimagined for 2021, our classic JET 9 RDO reasserts its position as our most popular, most versatile, and most agile trail bike. With hyper-capable frame geometry and 120mm of suspension travel, you’ll float up technical climbs, blast downhills, and fly smoothly over everything in between.

Our first JET 9 left the runway in 2007. With this early head start, we are now a leader in the category. Niner’s expertise in full-suspension 29er mountain bikes has been honed to a razor sharp edge. For this 14-year span, the JET has always maintained a place in our range. The latest iteration affirms the JET 9 RDO as one of the best contemporary short-travel trail bikes available, with the heritage to prove it and a lifetime warranty to back it up.

Just enough travel to take any trail

Our classic JET 9 RDO ratchets up the fun factor when it’s time to fly, but it doesn’t bite back during your climb to cruising altitude. It’s our most popular mountain bike and it consistently earns accolades from media reviewers, everyday riders, and Niner athletes alike.

By blending the pedaling chops of a cross-country bike with the suspension and geometry characteristics of a trail bike, we’ve made our JET 9 RDO into the most versatile bike we could imagine.

Pedaling uphill is limited only by your legs and lungs. Our signature CVA suspension leaves no ounce of effort nor watt of power wasted. Every pedal stroke earns altitude with no loss of efficiency.

Flipping it around and floating back down, your descent is turbulence-free, thanks to small bump sensitivity. Combined with solid mid-stroke support to save full travel for when you really need it, the JET 9 RDO is a smooth flyer in any situation.

Tuned and ready for takeoff

Contemporary frame geometry translates to modern trail manners when you need them most. The roomy cockpit has a comfortable reach for short stem lengths, giving you quick handling and plenty of maneuverability to navigate any airspace. And of course, the slack, 66.5-degree front end and long, 1179mm (size medium) wheelbase contribute stability and self-confidence when you’re dropping into steep descents.

Keeping your powerplant positioned well over the pedals, a 76-degree seat angle makes ascending to altitude a little easier. Paired nicely with short 430mm chainstays, the JET 9 RDO won’t hesitate when crawling up the crux of your favorite testpiece trail.

If your daily dose of dirt includes less pedaling, faster corners, and some heels-down, flat out fall-line chutes, you might want a lower bottom bracket and slacker head tube angle. Not to worry – the built-in flip-chip seatstay pivots allow riders to lower the bottom bracket by a full 8mm and slack out the geometry by half a degree.

The JET engine: Constantly Varying Arc

The beating heart of our updated JET 9 RDO is the Constantly Varying Arc (CVA) suspension system. CVA debuted in 2008 as the first suspension layout made specifically for 29ers. With kinematic updates to suit the specific needs of each bike, it remains our patented, signature suspension system.

Our CVA fundamentals are rock solid: it’s stable yet supple while climbing and pedaling; going downhill, it’s sensitive and supportive; it’s consistent and controlled in every phase of travel.

On the JET 9 RDO, a new trunnion mount shock adds width (and therefore stiffness) to the frame and linkage. More importantly, the bearings at the upper shock fitment allow extra-smooth articulation through the entire rocker arm sweep of 40-degrees during suspension travel. This improves small bump suppleness. Furthermore, trunnion shocks occupy less physical space, allowing a compact form factor.

Niner full suspension bikes feature Enduro MAX Black Oxide pivot bearings. The industry benchmark for this application, the Enduro bearing brand created the MAX designation to indicate more ball bearings per race. This provides better load distribution and is ideal for suspension pivots. And the Black Oxide grade indicates a magnetite surface coating for more corrosion resistance. All in all, these are by far the best pivot bearings available, bar none.

A fuselage that’s fit for flight

Svelte yet stout, the JET 9 RDO exhibits Niner’s characteristic full-suspension form factor. A blend of weight-conscious trimming where possible and strength-enhancing structures where needed gives this trail bike the ideal balance of XC light weight and trail bike sturdiness.

Wide, flat surfaces on the top and downtube help to absorb frontal impacts and vibrations while resisting deflection and twisting under torsional load. Crossmembers in the rocker link and swingarm keep the rear of the bike on lockdown during corners and hard efforts.

In order to get the best possible shifting performance,we designed the smoothest, straightest cable routing possible. Cable housing slides easily through full-sleeve guide tubes in gentle arcs from front to back. An integrated cable cage wicket on both sides of the frame just above the bottom bracket area keeps the housing protected from harm and free to move as the suspension cycle.

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“The Jet 9 RDO is an efficient pedaling bike that is plenty fun on the descents.”

“The changes made to the JET 9 RDO go the distance to provide a more stable, planted and descent-hungry short travel machine. The best part is these changes have not come at the cost of giving up comfort or efficiency while climbing. Built around an incredibly capable suspension platform, the JET 9 RDO is truly an enjoyable bike to log long miles in the saddle that doesn’t shy away from any descent or trail feature it is presented.”



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